ISO (International Organization for Standardization) as the name implies it’s an independent international organization, develops International Standards, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, but they are not involved in the ISO certification and do not issue ISO certificates. External certification bodies in India perform the ISO certification process. In this article we will look at ISO Certification process in detail.

•    International credibility: ISO Certification plays a vital role in helping the organisation to build credibility in overseas business.
•    Customer Satisfaction: ISO standards are intended to make organisations to serve their customers in a better way that would simultaneously increase customers’ satisfaction
•    Government Tenders: ISO Certification is quite essential to bid for Government Tenders.
•    Business Efficiency: Functional efficiency of organisations is improved by obtaining ISO Certification. SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) and work instructions can be developed with the help of ISO Certification Agency. Implementation of ISO in an organisation manages the resources efficiently.
•    Product Quality: By obtaining ISO Certification, the product quality matches up the international standards, it will reduce the risk of product order rejections that may occur due to the flawed products.
•    Marketability: ISO Certification improves the business credibility, and it helps the business marketing directly.