Nonprofits that raise funds from the public must comply with charitable solicitation registration requirements. Charitable solicitation is regulated at the state level, and the requirements vary by jurisdiction. Forty-one jurisdictions currently require nonprofits to register to solicit their residents, and 25 require certain information be disclosed on solicitation materials. This guide provides an overview of the steps you’ll need to take to maintain compliance nationwide. To streamline the process, explore the benefits of fully managed charitable solicitation registration, which combines our compliance expertise with user-friendly technology to reduce your workload by up to 99%.
    Organizations that register for charitable solicitation join the ranks of the most trustworthy groups out there. Becoming licensed engenders trust from donors and sets the applicant apart from the crowd. Compliance can and should be a badge of honor. The requirements, while complex, present an opportunity for organizations to demonstrate how serious they are about protecting their donors and ensuring their conduct is beyond reproach. Public trust is the most important currency for any nonprofit, and the foundation of that trust lies in complying with state laws.